Thank you for your patience! It has been a journey to arrive at release day, but Love Me Raine is now available on major retailers worldwide.  I will be adding more paperback retailers in the new future.

A former flame. A convoluted, difficult history.

Tristan is the dangerous complication Raine hoped to avoid.​

Raine is not in the market for romance. Not when she has finally broken free of her last unhealthy entanglement. Especially not when she is struggling to give her daughter the life she deserves.

When Raine encounters Tristan at a party, she drinks one too many and gives in to temptation. Raine convinces herself this hot interlude with her past love was just a fling, and she has to see him again. Everything will be fine.

And it is, until Raine accepts her first big case. When she learns Tristan Riagan has joined the firm, and her boss has assigned him to her team, she panics. Working with this man is fraught with deep desires and intimate secrets that threaten to send her running a second time.

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