The Bridesmaid Lotto

Bridesmaid Lotto Front Cover
A Second Chance Romance

His first mistake was playing. His worst mistake was leaving.

Rowan Michaels never considered Connor Ashton as more than a friend. During their university days, he always had a new love interest, a revolving door of women. She refused to be one of them, and he never seemed interested.

When their formerly tight-knit group meets again to celebrate the wedding of one of their own, she’s tempted to sample the goods. Connor looks better than ever, and he’s turning on the charm. What harm could come from one night with the hottest man at the wedding?

Plenty, as fate would have it. When the reason for Connor’s sudden interest comes to light, Rowan is heartbroken. Her miscalculation might cost her one best friend, her place in her bestie’s wedding, and her last shred of dignity. 

Can she forgive and forget? What’s a bridesmaid to do?

The Love Me Collection

Love Me Ella Cover

Love Me Ella

Love Me Raine

Love Me Katya

Love Me Katya

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