Do you love romance? Do you love steamy bedroom scenes with the door wide open? If so, the Love Me Collection is written just for you. Every story is a full-length novel with the endings every romance reader loves. Read them in any order, these are a complete story arcs with absolutely no cliffhanger endings.

If you are looking for shorter reads, watch for my upcoming series of steamy & erotic short romances.

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Love Me Ella Cover
A Steamy Love Me Romance #1

No girlfriend. No desire for permanent attachment. Drew is the perfect partner for a one-night fling with no strings.​

Ella is fresh out of a bad relationship and ready to blow off some steam. She’s not looking anything serious. Not when her heart is still raw and battered from her breakup. Especially not when she is about to launch her career in the pediatric department of a major hospital.

When she meets Drew at a local pub, she’s ready to break free of her inhibitions and invites the sexy man back to her place. He doesn’t disappoint, the heat between them burning into an inferno of passion. Everything seems perfect.

Perfect that is, until Ella arrives for her first day of residency, coming face to face with Dr. Drew Bellamy. Working with the man after the night they shared might just put both of her professional life and her heart in jeopardy.

A Steamy Love Me Romance #2

A former flame. A convoluted, difficult history. Tristan is the dangerous complication she hoped to avoid.​

Raine is ready for a fresh start and is excited about her move home. She’s not in the market for romance. Not when she has finally broken free of her last unhealthy entanglement. Especially not when she is struggling to give her daughter, Skye, the life she deserves.

When she encounters Tristan at a party, she drinks one too many and gives into temptation. Raine convinces herself their hot interlude was just a fling, and she doesn’t have to see him again. Everything wil be fine.

And it is, until Raine accepts her first big case. When she learns Tristan Riagan has joined the firm, and her boss has assigned him to her team, she panics. Working with this man from her past is fraught with deep desires and intimate secrets that threaten to send her running a second time.

The Love Me Collection


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