Good Morning, and happy Tuesday, everyone!

Here in Canada, we’re back to work after a long weekend. For me, back to work means jumping into writing the story of Raine & Tristan for my upcoming novel, Love Me, Raine. This full-length novel is the second release for my collection of Erotic Romance novels, The Love Me Collection, and is set to be out in the world for August 31, 2021. Love Me, Raine is up for pre-order on select retailers worldwide.

What does Erotic Romance mean? Many of you have heard the term, but for those romance lovers that haven’t, Erotic Romance is above all, a love story. A love story that incorporates a full relationship arc and open door bedroom scenes that add depth to the storyline. 

Erotic Romance is often confused with Erotica, but they are quite different. Erotica is generally focussed more on the bedroom and less on the relationship, and they are not the same reading experience. Erotica may not include a happy ending for the characters and is often far more explicit, with more open door scenes—or focussing mainly on the bedroom scenes with less story and character development.

For today, my focus is on Erotic Romance, which is what I write. Erotic Romance itself has different levels of heat. My first novel, Love Me, Ella, is classed around level 3 as Ella and Drew’s story contains several explicit bedroom scenes with the occasional bit of language—but only in extreme circumstances. 

What kind of romance is your favorite? Do you prefer romance that is sweet, with no bedroom scenes? Contemporary with the hit of the bedroom scene but little detail? Lots of detail, but a strong romantic storyline? Please drop me a comment at the bottom of this blog, or if you don’t feel comfortable commenting publicly, you can contact me here.

Have you read Love Me, Ella? If so, can I ask you a favour? Reviews mean a lot to authors, so if you have a moment, please leave a review on the retailer of your choice. If you have other comments or questions, please contact me through my site. Thank you! 

And for those who have read Love Me Ella, an epilogue and some bonus scenes are in progress. If you are interested in being notified when these are available, please follow my blog or you can sign up for my newsletter.

Hope your week is amazing, with lots of great reads.


Tessa DeVante is all about the romance. She enjoys exploring complex characters, adding plenty of chemistry, and stirring up the lives of her leading ladies. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

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