Love Me, Ella

Love Me Ella Cover
A Steamy Love Me Romance #1

No girlfriend. No desire for permanent attachment. Drew is the perfect partner for a one night fling with no strings.

Fresh out of a bad relationship, Ella is ready to blow off some steam. What she’s not ready for is another serious relationship. Not when her heart is still raw and battered from the last one. Especially not when she is about to launch her career in the pediatric department of a major hospital.
When she meets Drew at a local pub, she’s ready to break free of her inhibitions and invites the sexy man back to her place. He doesn’t disappoint, the heat between them burning into an inferno of passion. Everything seems perfect.
Perfect that is, until Ella arrives for her first day of residency, coming face to face with Dr. Drew Bellamy. Working with the man after the night they shared might put their professional lives, and Ella’s heart, in jeopardy.

Love Me Collection

Love Me Ella Cover

Love Me Ella

Love Me Raine Book Cover

Love Me Raine

Love Me Katya

Love Me Katya

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Beautiful Redemption

08 Feb


Cover of Beautiful Redemption Limited Edition Collection

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